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100                     THE FATE OF MAN

Christian point of view) as that now rampant
in Germany? Racialism is a purely Hebrew-
ideology. The only classic example in history
of the racialist ideal is that afforded by the Jews.
It was the Jewish race which strove for racial
purity, opposed mixed marriages and all sorts
of mingling with others, strove to remain a
world closed to outsiders. Judaism gave re-
ligious significance to blood-relationship and
bound up inseparably the religious element with
that of Nationalism. The Messianic conscious-
ness of any people is always an evidence of the
Jewish spirit. Exclusiveness, the loyalty to one's
own things and people only, is one of the prime
qualities of Judaism. Thus the anti-Semite may
well be accused of Jewish practice and spirit.
It is just we non-Jews who should be far from
all racialism, exclusive Nationalism, all Messian-
ism. Such "Aryan" groups as the Hindus or
the Greeks are more naturally individualists, in
the ancient, rather than the modern meaning
of that word. They set more value upon soul,
spirit, bodily form, than upon the fate of the
national collective.  Fanaticism, intolerance or
exclusiveness are not characteristic traits of these

Even if, in the world of Judaism, there is
some justification for racialism, it has no basis
at all in Christianity* The mere consideration